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Dryden Properties

A Gem Among Historic Houses

All 4 of our apartment complexes are conveniently located less than 3 miles from Fort Stewart.  Within walking distance of Joseph Martin Elementary School, The Arbours is one of two gated communities offering a refreshing style of renting and beautiful landscaping.  Located off of Frank Cochran Drive, Wyngrove is the second of our gated communities and is just minutes away from Fort Stewart’s gate 8.  We also have Liberty Place and Liberty Court.  They are located within walking distance of the high school and just minutes away from Fort Stewart’s main gate.

There are just three small steps to get you moving into your very own apartment today.  The first of these is providing a small application fee.  Next is passing the minimum credit requirements.  Last is paying a security deposit matching the monthly rental amount and pro-rated rent for the current month.  With a few specific questions and a small amount of your time, we can find the perfect place for you to call home.