It is our goal at Dryden Properties to give you the most professional, courteous, timely, and complete service possible. We encourage you to report any maintenance problems you may have by contacting our office. Once we know of your problem, a work order will be written and a maintenance representative will take care of the problem as soon as possible.

If you have an EMERGENCY that cannot wait until Monday such as a major plumbing leak, major electrical problem, or heating/air conditioning problem AFTER business hours, you can contact the following companies:

Coastal Plumbing: 912-622-3900

  • problems with toilets, hot water heaters, etc

Bill Heating & Air: 912-977-3129 (Jason)

You must leave a message containing your apartment location, name, contact phone number, and a brief description of the problem you are having.  Make sure you let them know you are renting from Dryden Properties.  Follow that up with a call to our office so we are aware there is a problem.

Tenants are responsible for replacing light bulbs within the apartment during the tenancy. Plumbing issues due to misuse of the plumbing system may result in a $35 plumbing fee charge (this includes sinks clogged with food or foreign objects and toilets clogged with waste, paper, and foreign objects).  Due to the large number of units that we handle and the various work schedules of our tenants, it is impossible to schedule all maintenance work during times when the resident is home. Because of this, we may have to enter your unit when you are not at home. If we do have to enter your unit while you are not at home, we will leave a card on the door to inform you that we were in the unit. Under no circumstances do we give a key to your apartment to anyone that is not a member of our management staff.

As previously stated, during the extermination of the units, a Dryden Properties representative will be present to inspect your unit for any maintenance problems which you may not have detected. This is a necessary part of preventive maintenance and we encourage you to discuss any problems, or questions you may have, at this time.